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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to the france 24 newsroom. you're watching live from paris with me, thomas waterhouse. if you are the headlines. plumes of smoke filled the skies above calais as fresh fires breakout across large parts of the so-called jungle migrant camp. kurdish and coalition forces
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launch a united push to retake mosul from the islamic state group. the first u.s. author picked up the coveted man booker prize. iraqi forces are edging closer to the islamic state group stronghold of mosul and are now within striking distance. lead counterterrorism forces have retaken a string of
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villages from the east. troopsmanding general will await fighters from other fronts before launching a final push. here's more. slowly closing in on mosul. on tuesday the iraqi army's town unit took over this just a few kilometers east of the city still held by the islamic state organization. for the unit created and trained by coalition forces this victory is a stepping stone toward recapturing mosul. these rocky -- iraqi special forces will consolidate their position waiting for further troops to come from the south. we are going to wait for the rest of our heroes in the south, east and north. then the operation in the city of mosul will begin. in the west shiite militia
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will attempt to block islamic state fighters coming and going from syria. the islamic state is fighting back and not just around mosul. they attacked the city in the western province near the jordanian border. fighting against the iraqi army for several days. supposed tois divert resources from the mosul front. baghdad and the us-led coalition claim security forces drove out militants without weakening their effort in the north. local province officials explained that i asked fighters are still -- i.s. fighters are still clashing. are makingforces gains on the northeastern front but federal forces advance from the south have some way to go or they reach the at kurds of mosul. outskirts of mosul.
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>> the peshmerga may have declared their last line of advance but they are still trying to retake other pockets of resistance. they have moved forward in steps. sometimes they have knowingly left these pockets of resistance so it doesn't slow down their progress.
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they know those pockets are contained and they can come deal with them later. we spoke to a gentleman -- launched surveillance flights among turkey's border with syria and iraq to support the international coalition's efforts against the islamic state group. the defense ministers are meeting in the belgian capital this wednesday to discuss the situation on the ground. officials in turkey say the co-mayors of the city have been a rest or part of a terrorism inquiry.
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they lead to the kurdish majority city that has been rocked by clashes between security forces and members of the outlawed kurdistan workers party in recent months. turkey's president has repeatedly warned that local officials accused of offering logistical help would be prosecuted. outh fires have broken across parts of calais's so-called jungle migrant camp. everyone is safe but the effectuation of the camp -- evacuation of the camp will no doubt be halted. people are being re-housed since the country evacuation process began on monday.
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catherine norrison trent joins us now live from the jungle camp. us about can you tell these latest fires sweeping across the camp? several large fires are burning across the jungle. people are fleeing in fear. we have heard several explosions from gas canisters. that's how people did their cooking. very volatile situation. people are fleeing the jungle now in large numbers. because of these fires in several areas across the camp it is obviously a very dangerous situation pushing people to come out of the camp. we have french riot police lining up positioning themselves
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to go in the jungle if needed. rights groupsn are working hard to get all the gas canisters they can out of the camps so these fires don't spread and to get vulnerable young children or teenagers away from this area. camp is still being allowed. there are still people inside. it's clearly dangerous. several large fires burning. >> people obviously wanting to escape. meanwhile the cues of migrants being evicted are still growing. long lines ofn migrants outside the reception center a few hundred meters from where i'm standing to take the buses to reception centers across france. those are going to get even longer with this exodus of
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people leaving the jungle because of these fires. people i have been speaking to said they were going to wait until the very last moment to get on the buses to see if just one more night would permit them to hide out on the back of a truck and cross to the u.k. this is the third day of evacuation. people are cutting their losses and getting on the buses. local authorities say they will take as long as they need to evacuate the jungle. to get everyone to safety. we could see this going on for even longer. we're just hearing that french authorities say the clearance of the jungle is expected to end this wednesday. oflowing in the footsteps
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south africa, the gambia is the latest south african country to announce its intention to leave the international criminal court. it said the court persecutes and humiliates africans especially the continent leaders. it called the court the international caucasian court. only africans have been charged in the six icc cases that are ongoing or about to begin. a string of protest rallies will take place this wednesday across venezuela calling for president nicolas maduro to stand down. the demonstrations, after the opposition led parliament voted to open a trial against the socialist leader for violating the constitution. the government has granted that vote meaningless while he has accused lawmakers of attempting to stage a coup d'etat.
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>> even before the vote tensions were high for government and opposition lawmakers confront each other on the floor of the national assembly. ofy struggle indicative venezuela's political crisis. clashes between the highest branches of government. open rebellion by the opposition led chamber last week accused the president of a coup d'etat and tuesday voted to put him on trial saying he has violated democracy. this assembly needs to step away from the crisis. maduro so thatom democracy wins. so that the constitution wins and so we are not at the mercy of his wretchedness. maduro has seen his popularity plummet. the accused of mishandling economy, silencing dissenters
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and consolidating his power. he blocked a recall referendum that would have allowed removing him from office. he still has his backers. he has dismissed the trial as a conspiracy, accusing lawmakers of cowering to the foreign interests of the united states. this assembly has only one object to it. to damage venezuela. we will not allow a parliamentary coup. the military has delivered a statement saying it stands behind the socialist government. any trial against maduro is expected to be merely symbolic because the government and supreme court have already declared venezuela's congress illegitimate. it's a satire that ranks with the classics and it is as timely as the evening news. the judges of the man booker
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prize gave this prize to paul beatty's work. here's more. the man booker jury sifted through 155 books over 10 months and finally it was an american novel that caught their eye. the sellouts by paul beatty has drawn comparisons to chris rock and richard pryor for its irrelevant look at african-americans. he fought back emotions as he accepted the prize. some of his tongue-in-cheek humor when asked what he would do with the $50,000 prize money. >> is that the black question? do they ask everybody that? >> the sellouts follows the story of a disaffected african american narrator who tries to reinstate segregation and slavery in a los angeles number. the unjustls with
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police brutality. the jury said the book takes aim at racial and political taboos with wit and a snarl. it's really gratifying that something that is important to me is also important to other people. >> paul beatty joins margaret atwood and salman rushdie. the competition rules were changed three years ago to allow writers of all nationalities to submit work as long as it is in english. time for some business and finance news. i'm joined by stephen carroll. you are starting with the latest results from apple. --the first fall in avenue annual revenue in 15 years. growth and sales from the iphone falters.
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sales were 5% lower than a year ago. they are predicting a return to growth by the end of the year. >> apple's first annual drop in revenue in 15 years. giant has reported sales of $47 billion for june to september. the company's bread and butter products all posted losses. 5.2%. sales were down iphone have been down for nine months in a row. the results were impacted by a slowdown in the global smartphone market and in china where apple's revenue fell by 30%. it's not all bad news. itunes and the app store have proven steady winners this year. tim cook said he is thrilled with the customer response to as theone seven as well
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momentum of its services business where revenue grew 24%. the company has predicted higher earnings for its christmas period. this is partly due to user switching to apple after samsung's exploding phone debacle. with is struggling to code the demand for its iphone seven plus model. the equivalent of the galaxy note seven. customers are being told there is an eight week weight. is running out for the european union to sign a free trade deal with canada. >> is still possible that a summit to sign this free trade agreement will go ahead tomorrow despite the fact that three belgian regions are still refusing to approve it.
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belgium can't ratify the deal unless they come to an agreement. authorities are meeting in belgium to try and resolve the remaining issues. nothing was concluded yesterday. we are still discussing important issues. are still outstanding issues that we can't find a solution that there will be no solution. shares in europe trading down. seeing falls on bank stocks. mining companies not doing terribly well. shares down by more than 6% in london. net profits of the british bank lloyds slumped by more than two thirds in the last quarter after it set aside another 1.1 billion
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euro's to cover cost from the mis-selling of payment detection insurance. lloyds expects this to be the last big financial hit it takes over this issue. warned of lower profits because of the strong japanese yen and poor sales of its wii u console. it scrapped its quarterly dividend and slashed profit expectations for the year despite the boost in revenue from sales of the game pokemon go. airbus was hit by currency changes as well as production delays. problems with the cargo plane are continuing. the company is also cutting more than 580 jobs from its helicopters division. uber has broken new ground
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with a beer truck that doesn't need a driver. >> the taxi hailing company teamed up with the rumor a be in bed -- brewer baby in bed -- a ab inbev.-- a self driving technology carriedbought by uber out the test. the truck was escorted by police cars. uber is not planning to build any self driving trucks but the technology could save $50 million a year in distribution costs. it is still slightly unnerving to see the truck without a driver. >> he is not drinking the beer on board. let's look at the headlines in
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the papers this wednesday. you're starting out with that deadly attack in pakistan. a chilling account is starting to emerge from survivors of that deadly suicide attack on a police training academy. jump out the to window to escape the attacker. he said i lay on the ground injured for one hour until i was rescued. third against attack in pakistan this year. another article is focusing on the prime minister. what's important is the government has really been coming under fire for failing to do enough to crack down on islamist terrorism.
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just this summer a bomb killed about 70 lawyers. if we take a look at the nation you can see they are talking about another attack. the situation is so bad the phrase has lost significance. you have to add a date to know which one you are talking about. there has been a flurry of activity from the government. the philippine president has arrived in tokyo for a three-day visit. >> you can see the photo. he looks to reassure a skeptical japan. this comes after a visit to china last week. it's getting a lot of attention in the japanese press. while cozying up to leaders in beijing last week he said the philippines were separating from the u.s.
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this is quite alarming for japan. this article says japanese authorities are quite concerned by what they japan. see as a pivot toward china coming from the philippines and what is this going to mean for its relationship with the united states. protocol experts are also worried the president might make yet another fallback. will he choose geomet in front of the emperor? two -- shoe gum -- chew gum in front of the emperor? they wonder what will happen when he meets the emperor. this will happen on friday. japanese tv have been showing repeated images of what happened in china while he was meeting
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with the chinese president. he arrived at the meeting with his hands in his pockets and he was chewing gum during a handshaking ceremony. >> such a no-no. in japan the emperor was considered a living god until the end of world war ii. people are still respected -- expected to respect the emperor. >> french papers are focusing on the latest unemployment figures. were 66,000 fewer jobseekers in september. this is a huge drop. the biggest monthly drop in the past 20 years. the paper is talking about a spectacular drop in unemployment. it is too late to save hollande's track record as president. he said he would only run again as president if he managed to
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reverse the unemployment curve. according to many papers it is too late. take a look at the latest opinion polls. he is at an all-time low. he is pretty much close to zero. of french people say they are satisfied by his presidency. 3% say they are pretty satisfied. 1% say they are very satisfied. this is a very wide-ranging poll. it was carried out over 17,000 people. many people in france are wondering if he should run again. >> lots of names are being thrown around. you have the prime minister.
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you can see this cartoon. who is sinking all the way at the bottom of the ocean. that's plan b. take a look at their front page. it's not being john malkovich. it's being manuel valls. he is quite tormented by what's going on because he is facing some really tough questions. the main questions are should he be loyal to francois hollande or should he try to save francois hollande by running for president himself? this would be a way to save francois hollande from the humiliation of having to lose. the big question is does he even want to run for president? according to polls he doesn't stand much of a chance of winning.
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he could really fall on his sword. marking the birthday of a former president. been 100 yearse old today. he was the first socialist president of the fifth republic. he was president for 14 years. he would have a lot of advice for candidates today. they imagine him as an electoral coach or he has a wise word of advice for every candidate. , unity isis hollande force. at the latest french and international press. you can see more on our website.
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i'm back with more world news and headlines sure where it appeared gas -- shortly. stay with us on france 24.
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